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Alldritt Homes

Edmonton, Alberta


Born in 1909 in a small town north of Dublin, Ireland, Stan Alldritt Sr. sought to stake his own claim in the new world. With a sense of adventure and a great work ethic instilled upon him by his family, Stan Sr. came to Canada in the early 1930s. Upon arrival, Stan Sr. obtained a teaching degree from the University of Saskatchewan, followed thereafter by a degree in Geotechnical Engineering.

He worked for many years in both fields, though as the 1930's drew to a close, the possibility of war grew ever more real. The Canadian government sent out a decree seeking engineers to be trained to help with the war effort. Jumping at the opportunity to give back to his new found country, Stan Sr. was off to Ontario where he was trained as an Aircraft Engineer. Receiving top marks in his class, Stan Sr. was offered his choice of posts. After careful consideration, Edmonton was chosen as it seemed to be the land of opportunity.

After settling in Edmonton, Stan Sr. worked at the aircraft repair division at the Edmonton Municipal Airport. Damaged aircraft would be sent via ship from the warfront to Canada, and then via rail to Edmonton. Once repaired, the planes were then flown back to Europe to rejoin the war effort.

Interestingly, the government would hold regular salvage auctions. At such auctions, Stan Sr. would purchase the wooden crates that the aircraft parts came in, taking them home and stockpiling the nails and wood in his spare time. In addition, he would scrape the solder from the stainless steel boxes (used to ship aircraft engines) which were obtained from the same auction, selling the lead back to the government.



With victory abroad nearing, war related aircraft work began to dwindle and the Edmonton based aircraft engineers were encouraged to seek post war opportunities. Knowing that day would come, Stan Sr. had amassed a sizeable stockpile of building materials. With that ingenuity, vision and resources, the present day Alldritt Group was born. Beginning with the homes at the NW corner of Stony Plain Road and 124 Street in 1943, and then the adjacent apartments (still standing to this day), the Alldritt Group began providing quality homes in a timely manner to meet the housing shortage that followed WWII.



With stability at home, it was time to focus on family as well. Stan Alldritt Jr. was born in 1948 and he, along with his siblings, lived in these first Alldritt homes and worked in the family business. Destined to succeed his father, Stan Jr. was brought up through the business, starting at first as a labourer, and then gradually working his way up through the various Alldritt companies and positions, before joining his father at the Alldritt helm. Stan Sr.'s work ethic was unfailing as he worked in the business until his passing in 1986.



A vigorous work ethic, family ingenuity and distaste for mediocrity drove the Alldritt Group to acquire virtually every link in the residential construction chain, from the land development to home building, to the heating, the plumbing, the drywall and the painting, to the millwork, the flooring and finally the sales. In this way, higher quality units could be provided in a more timely and efficient process. The Alldritt Group has developed or built many thousands of residential units in Edmonton and its surrounding areas, which continues to this day, and has further amassed an equally impressive commercial portfolio, which grows with each passing year.

Over time, the Alldritt Group has continued to evolve and also owns a variety of other business interests across Canada. With the Alldritt Group proudly headquartered in Edmonton, Stan Jr. remains at the helm, with the next generation beginning their climb through the family business. With 74 years of experience in housing and serving Edmontonians, the future looks bright for many, many years to come.

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