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Kelowna, British Columbia

All Elements - Design • Manage •.Build was established in 2009 to streamline the process of building luxury custom homes. Created to address the difficulties associated with custom home design -- ineffective communication between architects and construction companies as well as the inefficient relationships among designers, contractors, and clients -- All Elements strives to offer high quality in-house solutions that improve the client experience and turn their dream homes into reality.

All Elements believes in a collaborative experience. It is our mission to provide an enjoyable, forward-thinking process for everyone working with us. We understand the importance of creating a positive working environment, striving to overcome obstacles and meet deadlines, and leading by example as a way to motivate others. We value all parties involved in our projects, including our suppliers and contractors, engineering professionals, and City officials. We believe that teamwork is the foundation of a great experience built on fairness, respect, and trust. The people you’ll work with day to day during your home build are critical to our success and to the exceptional final product.

We love to take the common and make it special; we want to present it to you in a different light. As we design and build your dream home, we want it to reflect you, your needs, and your desires. We understand the importance of privacy during the building process, and handle client communication and design with the utmost discretion. Our goal throughout the process is your total satisfaction.

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