Alec Williams Construction Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta


Our Philosophy

Home building projects are often far more stressful than they need to be. We take away that unnecessary stress with direct communication and an unwavering commitment to disciplined process. At the end of the day, our homes and our client relationships are built to last.

Committed to bringing our best game with no surprises

Beautiful Moments Deserve Beautiful Homes

Our homes are where we live, where we love and where we make memories to last more than even our lifetimes. Alec Williams knows how special each home is to each unique family. He and his team will build to perfection, so your home can easily showcase the story of each snatched strawberry, every game of hide and seek, and even life’s most monumental celebrations.

We are committed to:

  • Innovative, client-focused project planning
  • Industry-leading and sustainable best practices
  • Exceptional building and design
  • Professional on-time, on-budget execution
  • Management of all details: updates and weekly reports to ensure client’s peace of mind
  • Safety for our team members and our homeowners

Our Story

Alec and his wife Susan live south of downtown Calgary in a bungalow that Alec and his team built in a manner that would make Frank Lloyd Wright proud. Alec's passion is working with Calgarians to bring their vision to life. Whether you are looking at restoring your well-loved century home or building a unique modern masterpiece, Alec can bring 20-plus years of experience to the job.

A business built on a commitment to solid, beautiful homes

Alec Williams followed his passion more than 20 years ago when he set out to create a unique construction business. His goal was to build enduring and beautiful homes for clients. However, he knew that dreams could be shattered by surprise budgets, non-existent communication with clients and shoddy building practices. He wanted to take a different path: one that started with superior communication, service, construction expertise and a commitment to complete transparency.

Over the years, Alec never wavered on these commitments. Instead he added to his client promise: he took the construction practice beyond the ordinary, making a pledge to build homes that become an oasis, a comforting retreat for family and friends to gather in and enjoy. This pledge underscores the critical need that many homebuilders too often forget: the need to marry form and function, beauty and strength.

Of course every builder promises a beautiful end result. But Alec works off the premise that beauty must be more than skin deep. It starts with the solid build that ensures corners are square, floors are level and millwork is exacting; it extends to comfortable, well-planned spaces; and in the end the final product is a work of art.

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