Ace Developments

Toronto, Ontario

Ace Homes brings you fresh new thinking designed for today, from a team with years of history building new home communities.​

We started with a vision – to bring together the very best of current innovations in construction and design, and to back it all up with old-world craftsmanship.​

To accomplish this, we put together a team of people with a vision for the future, and experience from the past. People who understand what today’s families want in a new home. People who insist on only the finest quality tested products. People who ensure that every detail is finished with superior quality to build a home that each of us at Ace will be proud of.


As a full-service construction company, we essentially assist clients from the very outset to the completion of their project. We become partners with our clients in understanding the five basic functions of:​

  • Defining and establishing the scope of the construction project.

  • Pre-construction project planning including preparation and scheduling of the projects, phasing plans, budgeting/cost-modeling, subcontractor qualification etc.

  • On-site execution of the project includes scheduling, quality control, safety management, subcontractor management, and status reporting and change management.

  • Monitoring and controlling the project

  • Closing of the project related to the post construction activities.


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