Abbey Lane Homes

Edmonton, Alberta

Established by Bruno Mastroprimiano in 1980, our approach is to always put the customer first. We listen and respond to their needs, their lifestyle, and their aspirations.

For more than three decades, Abbey Lane Homes has been providing the type of lifestyle home buyers’ desire, from affordable condominiums to upscale townhomes to luxurious high-rise residences. Our high standards and a commitment to quality and excellence has earned Abbey Lane Homes a reputation for quality customer service and industry leadership.


We use integrity, innovation and high standards to exceed expectations and are driven by providing our customers with exceptional design, superior workmanship and unique space solutions.

Our budget-friendly approach strives to offer more for less. More of what you want, provided by the best suppliers and trades, resulting in stunning and desirable purpose built residences.

From the prestige of One River Park on Saskatchewan Drive to the ultra cool styling of Venetian in Downtown Edmonton, Abbey Lane Homes creates signature communities that grow long term equity better than most. 

Our unwavering commitment to lifestyle fulfillment, owner comfort and investment integrity make an Abbey Lane Homes community the ideal place to live whether you’re starting out, going through a life change, or moving to maintenance free living.

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