59 Management Inc.

Toronto, Ontario


We are a full service turnkey company, providing Project and Construction Management services to Property Developers and Home Owners. The knowledge and wisdom gained from our more than 30 years of diverse and challenging experience affords us an acute perspective and the ability to smoothly and seamlessly guide a project through project conception, sales and marketing, re-zoning, design drawing, site plan and building permits, construction, occupancy, registration, and project warranty stages.

We’ve learned that a Project Manager’s ferocious attention to meticulous planning, to the smallest details and to ongoing coordination of the design team during the all-important pre-construction design stage, is what can best ensure the success of a project. Specialized and extensive industry experience allows us to participate fully and knowledgeably in every stage of the project. But our insistence on ‘getting it right’ during the pre-construction stage takes us and our clients to a higher level of productivity and profitability.


We founded 59 Project Management Inc. to fill a niche for a Project Management company that could offer both an extreme depth of experience in the construction of residential condominiums and apartment buildings, town homes, custom homes, and commercial projects, and an intimate knowledge and understanding of the specific requirements of the Developer and Home Owner.

We have directed design and construction teams in the successful development of many sophisticated and complicated projects and have met the many challenges they presented by way of restricted urban infill sites, difficult underground and foundation conditions, required site remediation and struction, mechanical/electrical, life safety, exterior envelope, and access management systems.

We’ve worked with many residential condominium, townhome, and commercial Developers, and know how to approach the Project and Construction Management process from the Developer’s perspective. We are cognizant of the many complex issues for which precise execution is crucial to the Developer and to the Project Management process to ensure a successful and profitable project.

We are a reputable Tarion registered Builder. Additionally, we have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and will ensure that the project design if energy and ecologically efficient and minimizes environmental impact. We can also guide a project through the LEED registration and accreditation process.

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