Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA)

Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA)


The Canadian Home Builders’ Association is “the voice of Canada’s residential construction industry.” This organization of industry leaders consists of home builders, renovators, land developers, contractors, and more. The organization spans the local, provincial, and federal level with the goal of providing your business with the network, knowledge, and support that you need to be successful. 

CHBA’s Three-Level Approach for Members

The CHBA can help your business at any level:

  1. Local

The CHBA helps members to network with other professionals and companies in the industry, learn through industry seminars, and act as a liaison with the municipal government.

  1. Province

The CHBA also helps your voice be heard by the provincial government in matters of “codes and standards, health and safety, infrastructure financing, the environment and consumer protection.”

  1. Federal

The CHBA advocates for your housing issues to be heard in Ottawa. Builders and home renovators provide valuable jobs and a much-needed product to consumers; the CHBA is there to ensure that the federal government is doing their part to enable success of home buyers and home builders.

By being a part of an organization that is focused on the success of the industry, you will have many opportunities to network and connect with others in the industry, learn useful topics that will improve your business, and support the governmental efforts that help our industry to succeed.