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What to do while you waiting for the home completion?

New Home Listing Service September 19, 2019

Phase 7: You bought the House, now it’s a waiting game, or is it?

You want to be sure to follow up with the Builder on your progress regularly and go for a visit often to see how the progress goes. Pay attention to the timelines they gave you so you are not on their case when it clearly shows in the timeline that particular item doesn’t happen yet. Remember some of these Builders are creating 100’s of homes a year and they don’t get the final payment until they complete so it is in their best interest as well as yours to keep it on track. However, if they fall behind the timeline they have given you, those that ask earlier will help keep your home on track.

  • Some Builders are offering on site cameras so you can watch the progress or perhaps they will let you install your own, but I doubt it
  • Regular visits and ask lots of questions. A good example of a buyer I had looked at the island where their kitchen sink was to be located and finally asked what the big tube was that was sticking out toward the living room…reality was it was the piping for the sink that was supposed to have gone the other direction. One client moved into a new house, all their stuff, done, all looked great. He went to shower after all the moving. Water came out the tap, he pulled the shower control…nothing…except the blood curdling scream of his wife about the water pouring onto the new hardwood downstairs.  Yep, the plumber had forgotten to hook up the shower head before the tile guy put up the wall. Remember, Builders don’t intend this but accidents can happen. An extra set of eyes is always helpful.
  • Hire a Home Inspector – I know, I know…” but it’s a brand-new home”. You may be surprised what you discover and the value can go a long way when it’s time to get your builder to address issues the inspector picks up before your year wall to wall warranty expires.
  • Hire a licensed and accredited individual to perform the inspection -- not your dad or your buddy contractor, get a real inspector.Be there for the inspection and ask questions because a new home can contain defects. The heating system might be too small, particular floor joists cut, or the plumbing could be installed backwards. Construction workers make mistakes.  
  • Review the inspector report with your Builder Representative to ensure any serious issue is addressed quickly and others noted in the service repairs for the home.