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Good morning New Home Owner, New Home Builder, Designer, Architect and Tile Associate.

My Clean Grout has been cleaning and sealing nasty grout since 2007, transforming floors from Nasty to Nice. Visit Homestars for our reviews and photos of how grout transforms. Everyone knows grout requires a long-lasting, durable sealer because it is a sponge, so why are we not sealing it before we move in? 

Let's be SMART about this and seal the grout first with a long-lasting and durable pigmented sealer and avoid a nasty situation. We are happy to provide a Three-Year Grout Colour Sealer Warranty for New Home Owners and Commercial projects. Please get in touch with us for prices and grout sealing package details.

Our Grout Guard Colour Sealer provides three essential benefits.

  1. Easy Spill Clean-Up,
  2. Stain Resistance, and
  3. Grout Colour Uniformity

With a Three-Year Grout Colour Sealer Warranty, you get instant piece of mind knowing your grout is protected with a proper sealer.

Consider grout protection and improve it's appearance with colour uniformity. 

My Clean Grout Inc.
(formerly Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc. 2007 - 2022)

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