Raman Gahra

Estateview Real Estate

Ramanjit Gahra also known as Romi Gahra, has been a resident of Calgary for over 10 years. After finishing high school, Romi had a vision of serving his favorite city that he calls his home. So, He decided to go to business school and got his bachelors degree in accounting. Meanwhile, he developed a passion for real estate, he started reading books about real estate along with daily, weekly and monthly newsletters. Real estate got him curious more than his job, so decided to follow his passion. He is grateful to wake up every day and do what he loves. Romi has been serving Calgarians with his savvy negotiations skills and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Thanks to his exceptional loyal clientele, personal referrals and repeat business from the foundation of Romi’s career.

Please call Romi at 403-400-4960 anytime without any obligation. He is ready to go for you today.

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