Spring Green Homes

Regina, Saskatchewan

What makes a Spring Green home better than average?

Homes that you can live in, which welcome you back at the end of a workday. Homes that you want to raise your family in. Homes that feel personalized not customized, that is what Spring Green Homes strives for.

Have you ever had that unmistakable “homey” feeling when you drove down a small town prairie street? On the other hand, have you ever felt cool towards endless rows of suburban housing developments? 

What’s the difference? 

It has to do with soul. Isn’t home where the heart is? A home, if it is welcoming and pleasant to live in, helps make up neighbourhoods that are also inviting and livable. 

What exactly does this mean? 

Well, for one we care about your living environment. It’s more than just being green. It’s also about creating space to stroll or skip, and not just drive a car. It’s about street side windows that say “people live here” rather than faceless garage doors staring down at you. And on the inside, it’s a natural flow and just-the-right-size layout to make you feel comfortable, neither cramped nor engulfed.
Take a closer look at what makes a Spring Green Homes plan more, well, neighbourly.

And let us demonstrate to you the lasting quality and environmentally beneficial attributes that we put into every board, beam and batten. We care about your home and how it enhances your life. And we can build one for you that will stand the test of time and your lifestyle. You have our word on that.

- Chad, Mark & Bill
Managing Partners, Spring Green Homes

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