Mikiki Developments

Calgary, Alberta


Building homes is our passion, figuring out how to build them better is our specialty. Being involved in Renovations, Custom Homes, Interior Design and Home Furnishings since 1998, we have the experience and knowledge to build your dream home. We combine form and function; beauty and efficiency.

Mikiki Developments stands for integrity, honesty and quality. We believe in Old School qualities.


Michael Thompson was the founder and President of Country Living Furnishings Inc. in 1998, opening the first store in May of that year. This was a boutique concept of Canadian-made furnishings and case goods. At the same time, Michael was providing interior design services and project management for large renovations. While the passion for building homes was already instilled, this experience further fuelled the passion.

In 2010, Country Living Furnishings Inc. was sold, as it was time to pursue other passions in life (Michael remains a consultant for the business to this day). These passions included renovations, and learning every trade possible. This has allowed Michael to complete several projects, and has provided an inside understanding of every component required for the building of an excellent product.

“Integrity has always a key word for me. I treat home building the same ways as I did running Country Living Furnishings Inc. for 12 years. DO IT PROPERLY. The greenest thing you can do is build a well built and beautiful home. Timeless design and proper selections mean they will last, and not have to be ripped out. The feeling of a well built home is the same as a tailored suit, or a well engineered car….you feel the difference everyday.”

Michael’s company Mikiki Investments Inc. follows this philosophy. Doing it properly. Their homes are designed from the inside. Your furniture will fit – the details are simple because there are no difficult spaces to correct. The home was designed for the home owner to enjoy, right from the beginning….comfort is in the details.

“Knowing the actual trade myself, I know when it is being done correctly or not. Unlike most home builders, we do not have to rely on the tradesperson deciding how to do the job. We do daily on site inspections and will stop the work if it is not being done to our specification. I do not know how to build a cheap house. We only know how to build the best.”

Mikiki Investments Inc. knows luxury building. It is evident in everything they build.

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