Greybrook Realty Partners

Toronto, Ontario


Greybrook Realty Partners is the real estate investment and asset management division of Greybrook Capital, a North American private equity firm focused on making investments in the real estate and healthcare sectors. We invest in a range of real estate asset classes with one goal in mind: generate exceptional risk-adjusted returns for our investors while contributing to the economic prosperity of communities in our target markets.

Our experienced team works diligently in collaboration with our network of exceptional partners to identify, underwrite, acquire and execute on the right investments at the right time. Our areas of focus include development-based and value-add real estate investments that encompass a broad spectrum of asset classes and investment strategies.


Greybrook’s real estate investment portfolio includes over 70 developments and assets across Canada and the United States. In aggregate, these assets represent 35 million square feet of residential and commercial density with an estimated gross development value of $15 billion.


Greybrook is a private equity firm focused on the Real Estate and Healthcare sectors. We apply our strengths as a leading Canadian private equity firm to work with strong management teams to deliver solutions, unlock value and propel growth. For over 25 years, Greybrook’s partners have collectively created over $1 billion dollars of equity value for stakeholders by building and managing both public and private companies within the firm’s chosen verticals.

Greybrook Realty Partners is the equity, expertise and experience behind more than 50 real estate developments with an estimated completion value of $14 billion. The Company is focused on acquiring prime, developable properties and partnering with top-tier developers to create and realize their value. The Company and its affiliates have been involved in the development and management of over 50 real estate projects which are expected to result in the completion of over 20,000 residential and commercial units.

Greybrook Health is focused on partnering with strong management teams in the healthcare sector. Greybrook applies a hands-on investment approach, assisting management teams to unlock growth potential through deep expertise in commercializing healthcare services, products and medical devices.

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