Bidding Enterprise LLC

Brooklyn, New York

We provide QUANTITY TAKEOFFS and COST ESTIMATING services for all trades except for Mechanical Services. We have separate teams for Commercial, Public & Residential projects. Quantity takeoffs is the process of measuring all the material which is needed to go into the project. QTO is prepared by reading Construction Drawings (also called Plans or Blueprints) and enlisting all the materials on an Excel file. Different materials are measured in different units. For example;
- Concrete is measured in Cubic yards (CY)
- Steel is measured in weight (Pounds or Tons)
- Some items such doors and windows are counted
Almost all quantities can be computed in the following four types;
1) Volume (Units Cubic Yard (CY), Cubic Feet (CF) and Cubic Meter (CM))
2) Area (Units can be Square Yards (SY), Square Feet (SF)
3) Lengths
4) Counts
Our estimating team uses industry leading software (on-screen) for reading plans/drawings/blueprints. The Names of the software we use are;
a. PlanSwift (best software in the industry)
b. Blue Beam (Widely used software) We deliver final files in Excel format so that our clients can make necessary adjustments easily.
If requested, we can also use contractor’s logo and contact information to make it look like as if it has come directly from their company.
Similarly, if requested we can give our clients “the marked Plans/drawings showing the measurements. This ensures that we do accurate work.