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Calgary, Alberta

About Us

Attainable Homes Calgary is a non-profit, social enterprise, created and owned by The City of Calgary, working to help moderate-income Calgarians achieve their dreams of quality homeownership.

Our Start

Attainable Homes began in 2009 when Mayor Dave Bronconnier took note of the growing affordability gap between homeownership and moderate-income Calgarians. Many hard-working Calgarians can pay their rent and bills but can’t save a lump sum down payment to get into homeowneship. With Councillor Brian Pincott and founding chair, David Laycock, and the support of City Council, Mayor Bronconnier developed a program to help Calgarians with a down payment, empowering them to take the leap into homeownership. Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation was born with a mandate to build 1,000 well-made, entry-level homes for moderate-income Calgarians.

Our First Partnership

Attainable Homes had a strong concept, but we needed a builder partner; a company that was as passionate about helping Calgarians reach their homeownership goals as we are. After getting an overwhelming response to our public request for proposals, we signed an agreement with Cidex Developments Ltd. Their contribution of units from two of their developments allowed Attainable Homes to get off the ground two years before our anticipated launch. We are proud to have now partnered with 11 builders in various areas of the city.


The City of Calgary sold eight sites to Attainable Homes with the express purpose of developing homes for moderate-income Calgarians. These sites are intentionally close to employment centres, amenities, transportation corridors, public transit and established neighbourhoods. We immediately began engagement with community associations, residents, and city administration to help inform decision-making.


Our program continues to grow and evolve. We now boast partnerships with 11 builders, eight financial institutions, seven law firms and three mortgage insurers. We value the role we play in the city of Calgary and take pride in having helped nearly 1,000 Calgarians and their families attain their dreams of homeownership.

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