Aldebaran Homes - Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

Why Aldebaran? 

Aldebaran Homes has created and assembled more than 1200 single family and multi-family homes across Western Canada in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We spend significant time in Multi Family Developments and Top of the line Custom Homes. 

Through our far reaching learning and involvement in the home building and land improvement industry we have been well positioned to perceive that People are the most essential thing to consider, more than the homes that we are building, as they are the ones that live in them. We know buying a New Home purchase decision is undoubtedly the most important choices you will make! With Aldebaran Homes you can make your decisions with certainty, knowing we offer an amazing Home with high quality finishings, priding ourselves on our achievable price value, an extensive variety of highlights that create enduring value in your investment". 

More than 30 years of home building knowledge all through Western Canada. 

We have been selected a H.O.M.E (Home Owner Mark of Excellence) certified builder with Customer Insight (2014).

At present, we are building homes in both Alberta and British Columbia. 

We are represented by the Alberta New Home Warranty program and the Travelers Warranty program in BC.

Creative & high quality upgrade choices available.

You can choose how to make our house your home!
Consistent client experience from the point of signing the contract to build your home through to the end of your warranty, Aldebaran Homes is there with you.

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