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    Phase 3: Choosing the Right Builder and the Right Plan On your own or with the Real Estate Agent you have chosen, now you figure out where you plan to visit. You have already looked at the many pla...Read More
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    Phase 2: I need to sell my existing home first? You may be able to buy a home with details in your contract indicating that it is contingent ( contingency ) on selling your existing home before buy...Read More
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    Phase 1: How does the process of buying a new home work and why do some have Real Estate Agents and others have Builder Sales Agents? Builder's sales agents are representatives of the builder, and ...Read More
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    Step 3: Research the Builders who build there Find the local Builders Association for a list of Builders that are registered members. You can access this through organizations like the Canadian Hom...Read More
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    Step 2: Figure out where you want to live Determining the best place to live based on your employment, a significant others employment, secondary and post-secondary education needs as well as recre...Read More
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    Step 1: Start Your Research Early Buying a new home is far more detailed than buying a new TV or new car and will likely be the most important decision AND investments you ever make for your family...Read More
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    Why is it that the Millennial generation is looking more than ever to purchase their first or “next” home as a brand new home? Gone are the days of the average home buyer who is looking for a h...Read More
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    Basically, it means living somewhere you can hop on a bus or train after a long day at work and nevertheless make it to the summertime games, the Christmas market, or a live performance downtown. A...Read More
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    New Home Buyers are not interested in used homes……they are looking for a New Home for so many reasons. The most important thing to recognize is the desire to buy a Brand-new home is in fact gro...Read More